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Welcome.  Serumula Guest House offers you an affordable, well serviced, and unique opportunity to stay in the beautiful community of Semonkong, in rural Lesotho.

So why is our friendly well appointed Guest House such a unique and ethical place to stay? Unlike other accommodation in the area, we are actually owned by an locally based NGO with a public service mandate to improve the livelihoods of rural Lesotho.

This means that any profits that are not put into to developing and improving the services to our guests, are used by ‘Serumula’ to fund projects that fulfil its public service mandate, to see improved livelihoods for the rural communities in Lesotho, through implementation of sustainable land management practices and income generating projects.

All our rooms provide televisions, clean linen, and bathrooms (most of which are ‘en suite’).  We also pride ourselves on the culinary skills of our Chefs, and our high quality food is all freshly prepared, with many of vegetables grown in our own gardens.  As well as welcoming tourists and adventurers, our regular guests include the development charities and other NGOs working in the area, as well the field visitors from various government ministries and agencies.

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